Dear Biomedical Research Colleagues and Trainees:

Since its inception in 2016, the Annual Transformative and Translational Informatics Symposium (ATTIS) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has become a cornerstone event for advancing innovation, research, and collaboration of biomedical informatics across the Southeastern United States. ATTIS unites a multidisciplinary community of biomedical researchers, clinicians, disease biology experts, and policy-makers to explore groundbreaking trends and developments in biomedical informatics and data science.

Our main mission at ATTIS is to catalyze synergy and knowledge exchange among experts in the dynamic field of biomedical informatics and data science. The symposium offers a valuable platform for attendees to exchange ideas, present research findings, and investigate pioneering solutions that harness the capabilities of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. By cultivating these connections and encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue, ATTIS strives to accelerate progress in the field and ultimately enhance patient care.

Each edition of ATTIS spotlights a specific theme, drawing attention to the most pertinent topics shaping the future of biomedical informatics. Since our well-received inaugural event, which focused on bridging the gap between biomedical informaticians and researchers, ATTIS has consistently expanded its scope and evolved its themes. Today, the symposium addresses various aspects of biomedical informatics, including:

  • Clinical informatics and decision support
  • Precision medicine and genomics
  • Biomedical data management, including data integration and interoperability
  • Machine learning and AI in medicine and healthcare
  • Population health management and predictive analytics
  • Health policy and informatics ethics

Over the years, ATTIS has welcomed over 1,000 registrants from diverse backgrounds, including college students, graduate/postdoc trainees, medical scientists, and faculty across medicine, public health, engineering, arts, sciences, and business. The symposium has become an incubator for innovative ideas, collaborative projects, and revolutionary solutions with the potential to transform healthcare delivery. ATTIS has facilitated funding for numerous large-scale genomic and data science grants and driven the development of economically impactful software tools in the Southern United States through its emphasis on innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. By hosting ATTIS, we continue to fortify the health informatics community, providing a forum for professionals to network, share experiences, and learn from one another.

We invite you to explore our current and past symposium programs, and we welcome your comments, notes, or suggestions to help shape the future of ATTIS.

Warm regards,

Jake Y. Chen, PhD
ATTIS ’16-24 General Chair
Professor of Genetics, Computer Science, and Biomedical Engineering
Chief Bioinformatics Officer, Department of Biomedical Informatics and Data Science
The University of Alabama at Birmingham